Standardized Evaluation in Medical Settings (CHES.Clinic)

The standardized (computer) evaluation of medical treatment concepts gained importance for researchers and clinicians - not least because of the scarcity of public resources in the health sector.

To optimize the quality of care in medicine, the company Evaluation Software Development (ESD) offers a service and further a product consisting of software, questionnaires and consultation.

ESD is combining various products and attendances in the field of medicine for a coordinated package of services:

The service package of ESD can be described as follows:

  • Software: Computer-based Health Evaluation System (CHES) is a software solution for electronic collection, storage, and (graphical) processing and presentation of psychosocial data.
    The software is integrated into the clinical routine and is a comprehensive, standardized evaluation instrument, enabling to assess the overall situation of the patients, thereby optimizing the quality of individual treatment.
  • Project Management and Consulting: Consulting services for clinical, economic and scientific issues.
  • Questionnaires: Specially developed questionnaires for costumers in the medical field (i.e. hospitals, managed health care organization, pharmaceutical industry) and specific research institutions.

CHES contributes in medicine for both quality and economic performance improvement.


The Computer-based Health Evaluation System (CHES) is used for the collection, storage, and graphical presentation of medical and psychosocial data in various fields of medicine (e.g. oncology, geriatrics, psychiatry, or psychosomatic medicine).


With the help of CHES, individual patient data (e.g. laboratory data, data on medical interventions, questionnaire data) is collected electronically and analyzed via reference and cut-off values. Thus, the clinician obtains a real-time overview and a summary of the results. This allows to tailor medical interventions more efficiently to the patient's condition (bio-psycho-social model).

The software CHES can be modified individually to specific user requirements (e.g. recording of chemotherapy details in oncological patients, assessment of functional status in geriatric patients, or inclusion of psychopathology in psychiatric patients).

As a result each user's CHES version contains a set of individual clinical and psychosocial variables, as well as an adequate range of survey instruments. This individual alteration also applies to the possibility to register additional medical interventions and furthermore the graphical presentation of collected data. In addition, the software provides printouts of individual patient data wich can be configured to specific needs (see scientific advice).

Depending on copyrights, all types of questionnaires or individual questions can be included in the computer-based data collection.

Software Package (CHES.Clinic)

The Computer-based Health Evaluation System (CHES) is available as a single-user version as well as a network-enabled solution for larger companies. The network solution includes a server database allowing simultaneous data access and data entry at several work stations (e.g. Desktop PC, Tablet PC, Pocket PC).

Programming language: JAVA

  1. Interfaces with hospital information systems are supported to transfer patient data (e.g. via HL7) into or from the CHES database.

Compatible software requirements: For all operating systems

Data Acquisition - the hardware: Patients and treatment data can be entered into the CHES in most complex ways. Both patients and practitioners data can be via mouse or via keyboard or light pen or online via Internet