CHES Components


The Computer-based Health Evaluation System (CHES) developed by Evaluation Software Development (ESD) provides a convenient software solution for electronic data capture (incl. electronic questionnaire administration and electronic case report forms), storage and data analysis. In addition, our software provides an elaborate system for facilitating the interpretation of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) including graphical real-time feedback.

CHES offers a multicomponent approach for PRO assessment and can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of researchers, clinicians, patients (take a look at the local press) and the local organizational setting.



The purpose of CHES.Flag is to interpret PROs, determined by standardized questionnaires, on the basis of the respective questionnaires or calculation guidelines published in the literature. This includes clinically significant levels and reference information to help monitor various diagnostic groups of patients at different stages of treatment, thereby improving the diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making process.
Instructions for Use (English version)
Instruction for Use (German version)

CHES in daily clinical routine