In orthopaedics patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are commonly used to evaluate the outcome of surgical and conservative interventions. Especially in case of elective procedures the assessment of domains such as function, pain or patient satisfaction is a common part of joint registries, clinical studies and quality assurance.

CHES.Ortho allows the electronic administration of orthopaedic PRO instruments on tablet or desktop computers at the hospital or when the patient is at home. The individual PRO results are presented graphically in a way that is convenient to interpret. This allows the easy integration of the PRO results in patient-clinician communication. In addition, the collected PRO data can be used for research purposes, integrated into registries or be part of a hospital's quality assurance.

CHES.Ortho includes latest PRO assessment methdology by offering computer-adaptive assessments which are currently on the rise. A successful application of computer-adaptive outcome assessment with CHES has been shown in a research project (Giesinger et al. 2013 Journal of Arthroplasty

Computer-adaptive assessments allow to adapt questions to the individual patient and to increase measurement precision on the individual patient level.