About us

Evaluation Software Development (ESD) is a company providing software solutions for electronic patient-reported outcome assessment in medical and psychological research and daily clinical practice as well as professional scientific consulting.

The fundamental pillars of the ESD philosophy are dedication to high quality research and software development, promoting and strengthening the patients’ voice to facilitate evaluation and personalization of medical care and a comprehensive user-oriented customer service, going beyond usual user support. As every single medical and psychological setting is characterized by its own peculiarities, the Computer-based Health Evaluation System (CHES) can be adapted to almost any customer preference. Individually compiled service and support contracts offer effective and regular software update mechanisms, including enhancements and supplements.

Since 2004, ESD is engaged in research activities and the concurrent development and enhancement of CHES and its components. The basic functionalities of CHES (computer-based collection, calculation, presentation and processing of patient-reported outcome and clinical data) have been extended to elaborate software features facilitating e.g. study monitoring, tele-monitoring at patients’ homes, registries, and patient portals providing educational material and self-help instructions.

Although already offering a top product, ESD has the incentive to constantly improve and further develop CHES and its components.